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Tiny Bugs in American Toad cage?

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So, I'm new to the Frog Forum, but I've been reading it for years now, and I've had so many questions to ask. This is the one I find most important. For a year now I have had a female American Toad named Lola. She is healthy, always eats, has clear eyes, and is very active. (She has become diurnal) but, in the corner of her cage there is this whole colony of tiny white bugs, not even a millimeter long, eating these mushrooms in her cage. Now, they've been in there forever, but I don't think they affect my toad. They crawl on her, but it doesn't seem like they annoy her. They have infested her entire cage, and I would like to know what they are and if I should get rid of them and how. Thanks!
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  1. Tree frog maniac's Avatar
    Did these mushrooms come from out Side, you haven't given enough information about where you got her and what's in her cage I have 2 American tides my self who are huge from me feeding them and I've only had them for about 2-3 months now there fun to watch but you should put this question in the frog forum to work it you choose the spices or information you want to ask about click it (you would click Tode ) than in the top left corner of your screen there's a button that says add thread click that and than start your question to see people who have answered you you have to always go back to (for you, Tode than find your resent post) it's easy once you get the hang of it but remember let me know about your rode more !!!!!
  2. AlanLynch's Avatar
    Um, I don't want to be a jerk, but I'm a bit of a stickler on spelling, "tode" is spelled "toad."
  3. Tree frog maniac's Avatar
    Sorry I'm being honest it was spell check on my iPhone
  4. AlanLynch's Avatar
    Ah, yeah, I hate typing on my iPhone! :P


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