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Fire Bellied Toad lifespan?

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I am most likely getting an African Clawed Frog. I have a 20 gallon long setup and have yet to do anything with it. I was thinking about Fire Bellied Toads the other day but i am not sure about the lifespan of them. I have heard 5 and 30. I would really like an honest response of the lifespan so i know what i am getting myself in to. (Such as how long i'll have my frog). Thank you for any replies.

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  1. Mentat's Avatar
    How long will your FBT's live will depend on their health status while young and the care you give them. According to our Care Article, which I recomend you read; up to 20 years: Frog Forum - Fire-Bellied Toad Care and Breeding - Bombina orientalis and relatives . Good luck !
  2. Creamballman's Avatar
    Yeah they live around 10-15 years, but it really depends. I'd say minimum 10 years, but 30 years is not uncommon


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