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Back from vacation

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Hey all,
Well, we got back today from Puerto Rico visiting family for ten days and will have plenty of pics to most tomorrow.

The pics will be mostly lizards and a few pics of frogs but they should be interesting.

As for returning home: I have been recovering from the mess my wife's son created due to his lazy and almost hazardous attention to the chores he was tasked with for using our car. Which by the way he couldn't use after blowing a seal and covering the belts in oil. This caused the belts to slip and not allow the battery to stay charged. I warned her since he blew a cam seal last time he used the car for a few days.

As for the tanks, I had to remove tons of thrown in crushed corn since he scooped it up with the crickets and threw it all over every tank except for the dart vivs.
We had him feed two different days with us to ensure he was doing it correctly before leaving.

No water changes as he said he was doing, but he did flood them over as he poured water in thinking it would be good enough to do.

We are also chasing down a few cultures of fruit flies since we believe he opened them and set them down to open the vivs and let them go everywhere. Nice... I'm not to impressed.
If you have suggestions to reducing the numbers let me know. We have a few vinegar dishes out but the only sit on the rim and don't seem to climb in.

Our Crested Gecko also allowed me to hand feed tonight for the first time so he was probably starving.

Its been a long day since I have been up since Saturday morning.
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  1. DonLisk's Avatar
    Well the vinegar sat out over night and lured many more flies to our kitchen and out one fly in the vinegar.
    Any help here would be great.
  2. ViperJr's Avatar
    I'm guessing you know that you should add dish-detergent in the vinegary break the surface tension and thereby drowning them. Other than that, I can help you much. Except banning the frog-torturer
  3. DonLisk's Avatar
    Thanks Viper but they only go to the edge and sit there not going in. We are going to add vinegar to the bottom of the garbage can and as they fill in we will just take the can outside and boot them out. They seem to like the vinegar cups in the garbage.
  4. UncleChester's Avatar
    Hi Don, sorry to hear about your frog care problems. Old enough to legally be able to drive but not competent enough to manage simple frog care tasks for a week and half. Hmm...

    Have you tried flypaper? Not sure if that will work. There are specific fruit fly traps 0 Tanglefoot Fruit Fly Trap ;Everything ;Summer ;London Drugs that you can probably find where you are. The brand of the ones in the link are Tanglefoot, they also make glue like stuff to make your own fly paper with, if you can find it maybe you could goop it around the edge of your bowls. Or upside down duct tape. I've never had to corral fruit flies so I can't suggest anything else. Good luck though!

    I saw you had posted a bunch of pics from your trip but haven't had time to go through them yet- they looked interesting though!
  5. Heatheranne's Avatar
    Yikes! I hope everything gets squared away soon!
  6. DonLisk's Avatar
    Thanks Brian and Heatheranne

    I found some fly strips and hung a few around the kitchen and living room. They seem to have disappeared mostly. Some still manage to show up around the coffee maker and sink but nothing like the first day home from vacation.

    Hope you enjoy the pics. Only frogs we came across were the ones pictures and the common coqui.

    I was more interested in the lizards since the numbers of geckos and common lizards were unbelievable around the house. I guess there is one somewhere behind our place there that will take chickens and cats and I really was interested in finding him but no luck.


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