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My toad have been Too lazy

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Hi,for a few days my toad belly have getting like some dark brown spot.Also he is being too lazy,he eats,"drink" well.I'm very worried for him
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  1. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    you really need to post this in the toad forum.
    There are a lot of good people that can help there.

    Is the toad having any bowel movements.
    also what and how often to do feed.
  2. Canetoadgirl's Avatar
    i feed him freeze dried crickets he eats 3 to 4 crickets a day
  3. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    any Poo?
  4. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    The dark spots I think are normal,
    The Lazy or lethargy could be caused by a lot of things.

    Temperature, stress , malnutrition,

    Crickets are a good staple but he needs other minerals and vitamins,
    When I kept whites tree frogs I always fed live crickets dusted with a vitamin power.

    And fed the crickets (gut loading) with flukers cricket diet.
    Wood louse , Dubia roach nymphs and cut night crawlers are good choices.
  5. Canetoadgirl's Avatar
    He poops weel


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