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Vacation update

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Well, we arrived in Puerto Rico at 2:30 am and got to our place at 3:30 since we had to stop for some fresh bread and drunks for me and granddaughter.
Upon arriving at the house a tiny kookee sp? Frog has to cross the granddaughter,s path and of corse she has to pick it up to show mommy who slides a screen door right across the poor frogs legs and pretty much cut it in half. Not a great way to start vacation.

Moral of the story... Don't show the frogs to mommy.
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  1. DonLisk's Avatar
    That's drinks and not drunks for me
  2. DonLisk's Avatar
    Well the frog wandered off and is somewhere in the front garden.
    I am guessing he has one injured leg from the incident.
  3. mommyof4froglovers's Avatar
    Poor froggy. Hopefully he will be ok.
  4. tgampper's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about the poor frog. Hope it's OK. Have you experienced the wake up call of the coqui?
  5. DonLisk's Avatar
    I' m use to the coqui. It is the boosters that wake me every time a car headlights go by after 2 am.


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