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Louis Charles Bruckner

My care blog for the terrible trio of Whites tree frogs.

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This is the start of a care log of my three whites tree frogs.
My first.
Bubba. 44g
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He has the deepest voice so far.

I just added two more.
Brownie 57g (big girl) and Buster 45g.
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Currently they all have great appetites and will eat until they pop.
All are very active at night and after the housekeeping.
(changing the water and paper towels cleaning any droppings.)

I am kinda wondering if Brownie is really a girl or not.
No nuptial pads or throat sack.
But she will try to croak if she hears one of the boys croak.

I keep the tank at 82F during the day and 76F during the night.
and at least 76%rh Sometimes the wet paper towels drive it up to 80% but not for long.
I have on order a Exo-terra washable mat. Hopefully it will be here soon.

I took Deeishealthy advice and set the timer for the day lights to come on at 08:30 and go off at 17:30 with a Red LED light that is just bright enough for me to see when the room lights are off. So I can watch them without interrupting their nocturnal activities.
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  1. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    So other observations,
    I am so surprised about how different their personalities are.
    Bubba is laid back and likes to hang out on his fav leaf look ing out the den window.
    He doesn't mind handling when needed but he will strike up a conversation.
    " why are you picking me up for now." in a laid back kind of a grunt.

    Buster is the spaz of the group. It might be that the soundings are new.
    He hasn't found his spot yet but he likes to be near Brownie on the floor of the
    He also likes the water he will try to swim in it but the water isn't deep enough.
    He will act like he is having a problem getting out of the water bowl but as soon as you
    go to try to help him out he hops out on his own.

    Brownie is a bit of a mystery,
    I am pretty sure she is a female but will try to croak when she hears the boys or me.
    She also likes the water and will stay in there for a good soak.
    She likes hanging out on the floor for the most part.
  2. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    Here is feeding time for today.
    Bubba is a bad boy he nearly peed on my phone LOL
    I guess he doesn't like being videoed. watch at the 3:20 mark LOL

    And yes Brownie was a piggy.
  3. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    I think Brownie is getting ready to shed her skin.
    what do y'all think?
  4. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    I just got back from taking the terrible trio to the vet,
    I was right there was something going on with Brownie she had a tapeworm under her skin on the underside of her right leg.
    The Dr. made quick work making a 2mm incision and removing the worm with a pair of tweesers.
    At first look it looked like a fat deposit but they confirmed it.

    The Dr. prescribed a 3hr soak in a solution of Praziquantel (droncil) and warm dechlorinated water for all three today and then agin in 15 days then one more time in another 15 days

    Other wise the Dr. said all three are in great shape.

    the Dr. also confirmed that brownie is a girl.

    now as soon as they are finished soaking I have to get on a flight to Birmingham AL then as soon as I am finished there I have to fly to Ft. Lauderdale FL for a 4 day job there.
    I will miss my babies.
    Updated January 22nd, 2013 at 02:37 PM by Louis Charles Bruckner
  5. deeishealthy's Avatar
    I'm surprised to hear Brownie is a girl if she croaks! I was led to believe by all my reading that females NEVER croak. This now makes me eyeball Bert. I've only seen him do it once. Ernie is constant, he loves the sound of his own voice.
  6. deeishealthy's Avatar
    I love having my lights regulated. Now I can sleep in and not worry about the frogs.
  7. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by deeishealthy
    I'm surprised to hear Brownie is a girl if she croaks! I was led to believe by all my reading that females NEVER croak. This now makes me eyeball Bert. I've only seen him do it once. Ernie is constant, he loves the sound of his own voice.
    When she tries it is very soft and short. Unlike the boys. They are loud. I will have to find my db meter and check how loud it is.
    I am in Florida now and I miss my babies.
  8. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    Today I did a full clean and wipe down of the enclosure with a 10% of distilled vinegar and hot flittered water.
    Just changing out the paper towel substrate didn't get rid of the funky smell.
    So I scooped up everyone and put them in a container with warm moistened paper towels.
    and covered it with a dark towel to block out the light. Hopefully that calmed them a bit.

    I wiped down everything with the solution and wiped it down again with just plain water.
    Now it smells nice and clean.
    I tiook this opportunity to mixup a little more quickset to fill up the rest of the flower pot
    that holds the fake leaves in place and filled a large ziplock bag with the remaining quickset
    to fill up the voids in-between the flower pot and two walls to keep crickets from hiding.
    25min and the stuff is hard enough to take off the plastic and rinse off the dust.
    Put down a double thick layer of towels and put everything back in and let the temp
    and humidity stabilize before I put the frogs back in.
    They were fast asleep.
    Brownie is still very brown but when she goes into the water dish her legs go green.


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