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Louis Charles Bruckner

A temporary boarder

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A few weeks ago I noticed that I had a guest living in a upside down christmas tree stand.

I turned out to be this little girl.
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She is very young and she was pretty thin.
This photo was taken while I was transferring her from
a small 2 gallon tank (what I had on hand.)

The temperatures out doors ware dipping into the mid 30's
And she wouldn't have survived the winter.

So I went to the drawing board and figured to make a 60/40
Heres the setup so far.

20 gallon long tank with a wire mesh top.
1/4in thick plexi glass for the divider.
Heater and repti-filter
Large gravel substrate
a ramp to get out of the water side. ( Next time I do a build I will mount the divider at a 72 deg angle)
and a water fall from the filter so the water wont make so much noise.
(the tank is located in my bedroom.)

I plan on using a seed culture from my 46gal bow front aquarium that I have set up and running for the
last 4 years. and after a week or so put in some feeder guppies.

I found a repti-fogger and a HT-10 controller for sale and a under tank heater.
Love the ease of setup.
I have it set for 78F and 70%RH

A LED light that I modified to have a day and night mode and a timer.
She is very timid and jumps and hides when ever some one walks into the room.
So today I bought some reflective window film and put it on the sides and the front of the tank.

I have a little log hideaway for her.
and tomorrow I will add some repti-carpet to keep her from accidentally eating any of the
gravel when she feeds. (thanks Heather for that tip. and many others.)

I added a plexi glass cover(with a few holes) in addition to the screen mesh top to keep in the
moisture and heat.

I will post picts later.
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  1. Louis Charles Bruckner's Avatar
    Sad news everyone,
    I havent seen signs of "Lady" in the new enclosure so I moved some of the moss around and found her dead. There were no signs of illness or injury.
    I could only assume something in the new enclosure caused her demise.
    After adding a under tank heater I did notice nematoads (very small worms) crawling around on top of the moss.
    I didn't think those would harm a young bull frog that was born in the wild.

    So I have broken down the enclosure sterilized everything with a 10% solution of clorox and water for 10 minutes and rinsed with filtered water.

    I laid her to rest at a local pond where she was probably was born.
    She was a private little sole that was very timid. She spent most of her time under her hide during the day but at night I could hear her hopping around and hunting.
    If she wasn't in her hide away spot she was using the repti-filter as a Jacuzzi.
    She never jumped out of my hands when I would handle her to check her to see if she was eating and make sure she was well.
    She only had 4 months left before I would have released her back into the wild.

    Well I am planning on getting a few blue dumpy tree frogs to put in the enclosure as full time pets.

    Farewell little girl you will be missed.


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