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Feelin' Froggy

They're Here!

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Note: (I did post this on the forum as well but had to post it in here for the sake of keeping an accurate log. Sorry if all the blog posts annoy anyone, I've always wanted to keep track of them if I could and this is the perfect spot.)

I could barely contain my excitement earlier, we finally have our three new additions!

Went by the store right before closing, picked my little ones out. It felt so good to finally bring them home! Below are their names and photos. The quality is pretty crappy, it's late, my camera is being a pain and I'm no photographer.

We've already heard two of them "barking" (not sure what else to call it) so I'm going to pretend two are male and one is female until we can find out for sure One thing I'm curious about (no idea what affects this, tried looking it up and got varied results.) The darkest FBT's eyes have very small pupils and the other two's pupils are huge. There is a little yellowish-red? type color around it.

I give you:
Matrix (the darkest one - named after the fact that when I picked him out, he was in the corner of the tank with all 4 legs splayed out, defying gravity)
Azazel (the biggest, lightest one - named after one of my favorite X-Men characters)
Minnie (the smallest one - my oldest named her after naming our cat Daisy; he likes Disney characters.)

At the store saying goodbye. Two of the three I got pushed the lid off the container in the store and took off down the aisle. Sneaky!

On the way home.

Final setup at home.






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  1. justpeachy's Avatar
    Hey they look great! I know they are much happier in your tank than the pet store. That's cool you have males making noise.
  2. randomGIR55's Avatar
    I LOVE YOUR SETUP(im using caps because I really love the setup)!!!!
  3. Faith's Avatar
    Thank you both!


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