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Feelin' Froggy

Tank Time!

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Yet another step closer in my journey to owning my first amphibians!

Got the rest of my items in the mail today (two plants, coconut fiber, basking rocks, filter tubing, multivitamin, filter air rocks, suction cups & heating mat.). Felt like Christmas!

After painstakingly setting up and re-setting up the tank, this is my final outcome at the moment. Always open to re-arrangements/suggestions, else I'm leaving it like this until our FBTs come home

1. Rocks in the back right for basking under the heat lamp.
2. Two plants and a cave for shelter/hiding.
3. Rocks at the top for getting over the divider & rocks for under the water.
4. Filter to keep the water circulating.
5. Heater pad (not shown) for when it gets cooler.
6. Thermometer and hydrometer.

Now all I'm missing is the dock to go on the water side, some crickets and the FBTs!




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