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Feelin' Froggy

A Few Steps Closer...

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Busy past few days!

We ran all over two counties Wednesday - Saturday, trying to gather what I needed for my setup; gotta love living in a small town where not many people raise reptiles/amphibians. We managed to find a 20 gallon tank with a sliding/lock screen lid, cricket food, calcium powder, basking light with dimmer & bulb, cricket cage, wood cave, sealant for the divider, a background, multi-vitamin supplement, thermometer, hydrometer & some water rocks. We already had a filter (gonna replace the air rock), a smaller hand mister & a "day" light with dimmer built into entertainment center. The rest of the stuff we had to order online so a few more days before we purchase our toads and crickets.

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Got to spend some quality time with the husband today while he cut out the divider for the vivarium. Plexiglas + hacksaw = interesting time. After lots of mistakes and sanding, lol, he got it almost perfect. I sealed it in. At least the next few days while we wait on the rest of the tank items will give it time to fully dry and seal (gonna test it in the next day or so with holding water.)

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Small update but an update. Keeping track of everything for any future assistance it can provide (hopefully I'm doing OK so far after all the help I've received on here!)


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