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Use and Abuse of Forums

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July 7, 2012

Itís hot and humidand Iím sitting here sweating like one of the horses. I need to clean house, the yard, build a newshelving unit for the tanks that I bought at the Petco aquarium sale, give allfour dogs a bath and clip them. Doesanyone realistically think any of that is going to get done? Yah, I didnít think so either.

I feel for people living on the east coast and in the south with the temperatures and humiditythat theyíre dealing with. One of thereasons that I chose to live in Montana, but global warming is catching up tome. Weíve have had the warmest anddriest weather patterns in decades. Mytortoises, Ari & Ona, love the warmer temps which is fine, but itís hell onthe FBTís and the Axolotls.

I recently added my2 cents to a thread on on the subject of chat rooms. It was suggested that another room be addedfor members over 18. I donít get intochat because it can be overwhelming with all the shorthand, slang andsuch. Maybe with a more ďadultĒ chatroom Iíd join in more often, I really canít say. The subject of answering questions and educatingyounger members came up. I had torespond to that comment. Itís somethingthat Iíve been considering for a while now and this was an opportunity to voicemy opinion. The thing that I havenoticed on all the forums, itís not just Caudata, is that people no matter whattheir age are just plain lazy. The forums have been huge sources of information in my research of the species that they represent. I did not get my animal firstand then scramble to gather the information I would need to care for myanimal. I read all the care sheets thatwere available (many times), I read thread after thread that was posted regarding the species to find out about habitat, feeding, health issues,enclosures and anything else that was available. I then set up my enclosure using the specifications that I gleaned from everyone. Only then did I start looking to acquire my animal. Before someone starts, I realize that I am inthe minority, that most animals are purchased as an impulse. I know, because I was part of the ďpetindustryĒ for many years and I know firsthand how it works. My point is slow in coming, I know. I would think that in the age of the internetpeople would know how to surf and research. Instead they jump into the middle of the water and start screaming forsomeone to help them, either in chat or posting. I canít count how many times I have comeacross multiple posts with same question, some having been posted just minutesapart. Then some of them get frustrated because no one comes immediately to the rescue to answer the question. Then you find a newbie supporting a newbiewith information thatís iffy at best. Sowhatís the answer? The perfect scenariowould be that individuals start taking responsibility and do the homework. Knowing thatís not going to happen, themembers who have taken on the Mentor responsibility shouldnít have to answereach question individually, time after time, but should direct them where inthe forum that they would find that information. Of course not all questions are answered inthe threads and posts, there are going to be unique situations, thatís when theMentor or knowledgeable senior member should jump in and help if they can.

Well, thatís myphilosophy for today. Besides NASCARSprint Cup is racing at Daytona and I have to see how my boy Carl Edwards isdoing and let my husband know where Dale, Jr. is.
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  1. Wicked frogs's Avatar
    Well good luck and yea the humidity is awful here in boston


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