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Frog bite! O:

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So the title says it all.

Two nights ago when I took my biggest WTF out to feed, I decided I should try and see if he would go for some silkworms I got at the Super Reptile Show in Pomona (CA). So first I dropped one of the wiggliest ones I could find in the bottom of his feeding box, but he wasn't going for it, so I tried to goad him into it by picking the worm up, letting it cling to my finger and wiggling it around in his face.

Well that worked.

He lunged at my finger, got the whole first segment in his mouth, grabbed hold of me with his hands and started ripping and pulling at my finger! I was so shocked, and wiggling my finger only made him more aggressive, so I had to grab him with my other and and gently pull him off. At least he got the worm XD;

The thing is, whoever said frogs don't have teeth was never bit by a frog, at least a White's. I could feel his little nubby teeth tearing at my skin (though of course they left no marks and I OF COURSE wasn't bleeding or in any pain), it was quite a strange sensation. It felt like little pieces of sandpaper rubbing against my finger. XD
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  1. mommyof4froglovers's Avatar
    That is funny. I refuse to hand feed my frogs unless there is a major reason. This is so funny though.
  2. Lacibeth's Avatar
    We end up hand feeding our salamanders on occasion. (I'm amazed those guys manage to survive in the wild.) Same setup, little fish-sandpaper teeth. Odd sensation, but it beats the snake bite.


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