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Looking for A. andersoni!

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Hey guys & gals!

I have a friend who is looking to obtain a male Ambystoma andersoni after finding out the four he purchased turned out to be all females! He is looking to trade one of his females for a male if anyone has any!

He has attempted to post this request other places and all his thread had turned into is a debate about how they are not true axolotls or how they can/can't be introduced into the wild.

If anyone has one of these guys that they would like to part with, please send me a PM with all the information!

Attachment 14823Attachment 14824Attachment 14825Attachment 14826

Note: In the last picture on the right, the axolotl in the back is not an Anderson's. He's just a green. He's NOT for trade.

Conservation Update: Endangered Anderson
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