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Raising Spring Peepers (P.c. crucifer)

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I have the pleasure of raising seven newly morphed Northern Spring Peepers. Due to the lack of information online, this is a learning experience as I go along. I am following some information I read about Pacific Chorus Frogs to get an idea of the proper care in captivity. Right now, they are about the size of my fingernail, incredibly tiny and cute.

The habitat I have set up for them is a 10 gallon tank. Substrate is eco earth. No background, but I will be covering the back of the tank. The substrate is covered with live moss, bark, oak leaf litter, and small sticks. I have a small bowl filled with small river rocks and then filled with water. Enough space for them to reach the water without drowning. There is two hides in there for them, four broad leafed plants, and a low wide bromeliad. They have on small branch in the vivarium. There is a 25 watt hood light on them during the day. As they get bigger, I will transfer them to a 20 gallon, and then a bigger tank if needed.

I started off by feeding them undusted pinhead crickets for 6 days. Now they are eating flightless fruit flies dusted with reptocal and reptolife. So far, they seem to like to hide while they hunt. They pick a leaf and dive under it while watching the prey, then they jump out and grab it, quickly moving back under the leaf. They don't seem to be as aggressive about food as my gray tree frogs or eastern american toadlets, but that could change as they grow.
They seem to be split on who is shy and who is comfortable with us moving around. I think I will move them to a quieter, less active room until they are all more comfortable. Usually when I peek in, or open the cover, there are three or four out in the open, totally comfortable with me giving them water and putting their food in. The others will hide instantly if they weren't already hidden.
You definitely need to have a well sealed tank for peeper froglets, they are so tiny and can cram themselves in any space and holes. I have not had any escapes, but one close call when I opened the tank to water, and didnt realize that one of the froglets was perched on the top ledge of the tank. It could have easily slipped away in the time it took for me to notice.

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  1. jdisney's Avatar
    Where do you get your "Flightless Fruit Flies"?
    I have found a baby tree frog and I don't wanna release him cause he's soo cute!
    I'm having trouble on finding things for him to eat. I've had him for about a day now.
    He's waay too small to eat the crickets I feed my other frog.
    I need some help, please.
  2. mdtalley22's Avatar
    Way cool little frogs, and very nice looking terrarium, keep us posted on their growth and activity!


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