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Canceled herpetology course

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Bleurgh, just found out the herpetology course I'm supposed to take in the spring of 2012 is canceled due to a lack of students! What now, I have to wait another full year before I can take it?! RARGH!
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  1. Badger's Avatar
  2. UncleChester's Avatar
    That's annoying. Any chance of gathering some of the interested students and discussing options with the department or professor of the course? I'm not sure if this happens much in life sciences, but if it was a small enough course to begin with maybe having it as a reading course would be an option. At the very least it wouldn't hurt to meet whoever teaches the course and let them know your interest.
  3. ViperJr's Avatar
    UncleChester: Yeah, I'm going to send him an email first thing tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed! The thing is, if I cannot take the course, not only do I miss a change to learn about herpetology, I also lose my job since it's job for students, so I HAVE TO study at the university in order to keep my job. And the last date for applying for courses are already over, which is really angering (they could have told me earlier that they were thinking about canceling it...). I just hopes everything works out, because now it seems pretty bad :/
  4. Sierra's Avatar
    That is really annoying. Maybe you could do an independent study?
  5. ViperJr's Avatar
    Sierra: Not sure what an "independent study" is, but the course is a small course, which is not part of a program. However, the course remains cancelled, so I'll have to wait another year for it... Now I just hope I can take another course, just to keep my job :/
  6. Sierra's Avatar
    I had hoped you had it all sorted out since this was a couple weeks ago. An independent study is when they let you do an extra research project or really study something that you are interested in that there isn't really a set class for. I'm not sure if your college offers that, and I think that they work differently everywhere. I guess the best thing would be to talk to the prof & administration. Best of luck!
  7. John's Avatar
    Sorry to hear this!


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