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Light Blue Spots on Green Tree Frog

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I have an American Green Tree Frog who is about four years old, that I know of, maybe older. Today I noticed that he has small light blue spots on his back and the yellow stripe on the sides of his body are turning the light blue. The spots aren't too defined like the normal yellow spots are, the edges of them are more blurred. He only eats crickets from the pet store, his humidity and temperature of his tank are almost always perfect, and he has the proper lighting. His behaviors are normal as well.I was wondering if anyone knows what could be wrong with him? I'm thinking maybe he is getting older, nearing the end of his life and this is just a normal pigmentation change?


  1. sunflowershay's Avatar
    Here is a photo of him.
  2. jasonm96's Avatar
    possible blue genetic trait, you should try and breed this guy – you could end up with blue spotted or blue frogs.


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