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  1. So how have you been?
  2. Oh, you are very welcome!!!
  3. I just now saw this msg...thank you!
  4. Hey Heather......wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day (and a belated happy nurses day as well, which was yesterday)!
  5. Haha, welcome ! That would be a fun gift, a nice camera!
    Yes, they are cute....what's the other's name, I know one is named Tank, but I can't remeber the other's name though lol ;P. Yeah, I going to get another frog or 2 soon though (within the next few months) but its going to be so hard deciding on which frog to get....a pacman, a RETF, a whites, or maybe a toad!! I think I might get another whites though, not sure yet hehe! Welcome .
  6. Hey Autumn! Thanks for the comments on Tank's pictures . I guess they're okay for using an iPhone, lol! I'd love to get a nice camera. Perhaps after Christmas. I love my pacs. They're both so cute! I still have to post some updated pictures. They load better when I'm on the computer vs Tapatalk with my phone. I think you'd love a pacman. They are so fun to feed and watch ! Thanks again!
  7. Great pics of Tank Heather.....I want a pacman frog lol ;D!
  8. Sure , what are the flowers for?
  9. Autumn, would you like to help me pick out some flowers? I'll send a msg.
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