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  1. I definitely will! I really want to make an outdoor enclosure, either for Box turtles, Wood turtles, or native amphibians
  2. That would be cool! If you do that then they should just breed without any effort to you when seasons change. You should posts some pics up of the set up if you do it
  3. Yeah it would be, only time I'd keep them indoors when I'm breeding them would be for brumation to make it almost guarantied that there'd be amplexus. Now that I think about it, I may just make an outdoor enclosure for them, and keep Cope's grays in there too, so there'd be enough space, and they won't be crammed in a 30-40 gallon tall tank
  4. At least if where you'll be in the summer it will be nice and warm so you can do it, would be a nightmare indoors
  5. Yeah they do, I'd have to sell some eggs or cull some off. If I did, I'd plan on raising them in a kiddie pool with enough space for the tads
  6. I tried to reply but coming up now your inbox is out of space now lol Anyway, would be cool if you can get a pair to breed. Don't those guys produce quite a lot?
  7. Okay great! Check your PM's when you get this!
  8. Deleted some old messages, should have space now
  9. Hey man, it's saying you've run out of space in your Private message section so I can't reply back on my PM
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