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  1. BTW, when i type R.E.T.F., it auto corrects to Red Eye Leaf Frog
    But you know what I mean.
  2. I prefer 2 adult RETF, one male and one female if possible...
    But I'm not picky. I will take 2 babies un-sexed. I have a large quarantine tank, then they'll eventually go with my male RETF when they're big enough.
    Is there a number i should call? Or can we do business through FF? I can pay PayPal or CC.
  3. I expanded quite a bit. We are working on our new website and it should be up and running towards november =) What age group are you looking for and how many? I can most likely meet your froggy needs =)
  4. Hi Corey
    I was wondering if you had any red eyes for sale? Your website seems to not be working?
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