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    FrogTV Channel: Golden Poison Frogs, Phyllobates terribilis.
    These are the Blackfoot Orange race. They are captive bred
    F2 and exported from Colombia by Tesoros de Colombia.
    The picture refreshes every 10 seconds. Didn't load properly? Click here to refresh it.
    Image in Black and White? That's the night vision view.
    Any glare in night vision mode is from the night vision lighting reflecting in the terrarium glass.
    This species is only visible at or near daylight hours.
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  • FrogTV?

    Watch frogs live on the internet with FrogTV.

    Currently (December 2013), there is one channel running. What you are seeing is a live snap shot of what's going on in the terrarium. The image updates every 13 seconds.

    If the image is in black and white, the lights are off for that terrarium at the current time, so you are viewing in infrared. Any glare during "night" vision is from the infrared lights reflecting in the terrarium glass. The frogs become active before the lights come on in the morning, so they are sometimes visible even when the lights are out. This is often the case for up to an hour before the lights come on in the morning.

    Channel 1's lights run from about 7:50 am US Eastern time to 7:50 pm US Eastern time. (+/- 1 depending on Daylight Savings).

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    1. Lliam Rosencrans's Avatar
      Lliam Rosencrans -
      Quote Originally Posted by daziladi View Post
      This TV has sound too? I want to do something like this for Chester when we take him on the RV with us. The worlds first RV-traveling-tree-frog lol
      I am gonna take Frogy with me when i go back home to Florida for a vaction! I live in Indiana but I was born there. Me and him will have a lot of fun
    1. Whistly's Avatar
      Whistly -
      I just saw them for the first time
    1. Pezoneden's Avatar
      Pezoneden -
      my first time checking and i totally think i can see a frog at the top middle of the projection
    1. Pezoneden's Avatar
      Pezoneden -
      now that i look up pics of them i totally see it haha awesome
    1. Helena's Avatar
      Helena -
      its doesn't work for me .....
    1. Helena's Avatar
      Helena -
      doesnt the frog ever move??
    1. Helena's Avatar
      Helena -
      they are soo cute
    1. Tree frog maniac's Avatar
      Tree frog maniac -
      Wait I'm new to frog forum, is it suppose to be pictures or moving tv
    1. becky3086's Avatar
      becky3086 -
      Humm, I see plants but no frogs and it never changes.
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      Updated with Tesoros de Colombia's Blackfoot Orange Phyllobates terribilis (Golden Poison Frogs).
    1. Sirjohn's Avatar
      Sirjohn -
      These are really spectacular... What a wonderful way to share these with everyone!!
    1. Frogtank's Avatar
      Frogtank -
      yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa that was ssoo dang good
    1. Strider18's Avatar
      Strider18 -
      Is this tank still populated? I have been looking at it off and on for a few months and have yet to see a single frog on the screen
    1. LizardLife14's Avatar
      LizardLife14 -
      Is channel 2 still down?
    1. nanothefrog's Avatar
      nanothefrog -
      how do you view channel 2?
    1. Frogdood4's Avatar
      Frogdood4 -
      Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
      Channel 1 is just a taste. Channel 2 is the main event!
      How can i get to channel 2 im so confused
    1. Cliygh and Mia 2's Avatar
      Cliygh and Mia 2 -
      All I see is a green ceramic frog, is the camera okay?
    1. Cliygh and Mia 2's Avatar
      Cliygh and Mia 2 -
      Came back to see if it was fixed, all I still see is a ceramic frog. I don't think it's coming back anytime soon
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      We took it down years ago but it might come back some day!
    1. Cliygh and Mia 2's Avatar
      Cliygh and Mia 2 -
      Ahh ok, well that gives me something else to look forward to, lol
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