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    FrogTV Channel: Golden Poison Frogs, Phyllobates terribilis.
    These are the Blackfoot Orange race. They are captive bred
    F2 and exported from Colombia by Tesoros de Colombia.
    The picture refreshes every 10 seconds. Didn't load properly? Click here to refresh it.
    Image in Black and White? That's the night vision view.
    Any glare in night vision mode is from the night vision lighting reflecting in the terrarium glass.
    This species is only visible at or near daylight hours.
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  • FrogTV?

    Watch frogs live on the internet with FrogTV.

    Currently (December 2013), there is one channel running. What you are seeing is a live snap shot of what's going on in the terrarium. The image updates every 13 seconds.

    If the image is in black and white, the lights are off for that terrarium at the current time, so you are viewing in infrared. Any glare during "night" vision is from the infrared lights reflecting in the terrarium glass. The frogs become active before the lights come on in the morning, so they are sometimes visible even when the lights are out. This is often the case for up to an hour before the lights come on in the morning.

    Channel 1's lights run from about 7:50 am US Eastern time to 7:50 pm US Eastern time. (+/- 1 depending on Daylight Savings).

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    Comments 60 Comments
    1. Heatheranne's Avatar
      Heatheranne -
      Ha ha!
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      Just found a clutch of eggs in late development in the pumilio tank. That was fast! They only arrived 4 weeks ago!
    1. DonLisk's Avatar
      DonLisk -
      Thats awesome John. Congrats.
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      Alright, I might regret this (because of my internet connection) but I've changed to a live streaming view of FrogTV channel 2. This may be for a limited time, depending on how badly it messes with my bandwidth during the day. For the moment though, enjoy the real TV show.
    1. Sublime's Avatar
      Sublime -
      The live stream is awesome John. How's your bandwidth doing?
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      Hard to say until it's been going a few days.
    1. Sublime's Avatar
      Sublime -
      Oh, alright.
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      There are now at least 4 youngsters in the yellow terribilis terrarium. See if you can spot them during the day. Clue: they look nothing like their parents.
    1. BG's Avatar
      BG -
      Great always nice to see something new on TV.lol
    1. Badger's Avatar
      Badger -
      This is more entertaining than Family Guy. Thanks John!
    1. Poly's Avatar
      Poly -
      What happened to the live stream?
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      I removed the live stream because it was degrading our home internet too much.
    1. Poly's Avatar
      Poly -
      Haha, it's 3:41am, and one of you golden poison dart frogs is out!
    1. En333's Avatar
      En333 -
      It is quite crappy.... Haha. And So this is a video, just an image every once in a while?
    1. carlcaruana's Avatar
      carlcaruana -
      I dont see any frogs on channel 1 ... O.o
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      I've removed Channel 1 for now until I find an alternative terrarium. It's true that the pumilio are virtually never visible on camera in that terrarium.
    1. Joene Latiolais's Avatar
      Joene Latiolais -
      these are beautiful frogs, the color is so vibrant. Makes my ACF look rather dull in comparison.
    1. DC101's Avatar
      DC101 -
      John, im curious. Is that half a coconut you have in your viv?

      Its a great idea. How would you sterilise it?
    1. Locascio's Avatar
      Locascio -
      my pixies would make4 good frog tv
    1. Tylerw92's Avatar
      Tylerw92 -
      I want to get dartfrogs im new to frogs and this song and don't know anything about I have. A 72 gallon tank but I have so many questions if anyone can message me please do thanks
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