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  1. Shipping Whites Tree Frog's please help

    Hi everyone i bought 2 Whites Tree Frog's from backwaterreptiless and i order'd a male and a female. But they are both males so i put up some Blog's about this and i have a person that want's them he is from Honolulu Hawaii. But i need to know how to ship them i have read things but nothing about shipping Whites Tree Frog's so please help.

  2. Tales From the Water Bowl

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    I'm sorry about the quality of this photo. Getting a picture of Snodgrass and Aspartame together was quite a feat. Although, as you read on, you might understand why this was so difficult.

    In obtaining The Colony, I didn't know anything about the spadefoots I was getting. I didn't know much about their personality. Spadefoots are full of personality, which can be generalized somewhat by the species. Couch's Spadefoots are big large lazy toads. ...