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  1. Raising Spring Peepers - Week 8

    The spring peepers are still doing really well. It's pretty exciting to see how they've adapted and grown. I measured two of them on the glass tonight, and both were around 2.5 cm. There is one or two that are bigger, and another one or two that are smaller, but they all fall right around 2.5 cm. From what I've read, they should grow another 1 cm or so and then stop. The seven of them are eating 100+ fruit flies at a time now. I have 6 cultures going right now to keep up with them. I need ...
  2. Litoria ewingii (brown tree frog) from egg to frog in 8 weeks

    here is the ongoing updates on development of my litoria ewingii (brown tree frog) which has been moved to the following link: