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  1. 75 Gallon Vivarium build

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Wardog View Post
    I have had a few threads on here about all the stuff I'm thinking of using for this. I have decided to just use a regular 75 gallon (since Amazon raised the price about $250 for the previous enclosure I was going to get) for a western PA style Vivarium for a pair of American Toads and
    Northern Leopard Frogs. I will be posting to this thread as more begins to unfold. As for now, I just purchased the zoo med 100 watt ceramic heater. I'm hoping this will provide a warm side to the tank and
  2. New Site.....

  3. pixie frogs for sale?

    do you guys know where I could buy a giant pixie frog? PS not a dwarf frog must be big but young and it has to be online!!! sorry for all the demands!!!
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  5. my pacmans new name!!!

    for awhile now I've been having a pacman with no name, but now I have decided to name it baby-Jason. Is that an ok name?!!!
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