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  1. Looking for A. andersoni!

    Hey guys & gals!

    I have a friend who is looking to obtain a male Ambystoma andersoni after finding out the four he purchased turned out to be all females! He is looking to trade one of his females for a male if anyone has any!

    He has attempted to post this request other places and all his thread had turned into is a debate about how they are not true axolotls or how they can/can't be introduced into the wild.

    If anyone has one of these guys that
  2. Naming my frogs

    I've got a pair of Whites Tree Frogs and I absolutely adore them. I've had my male for almost a year now and the female(?) for about three months.

    My whole issue is coming up with names for them that are...different. I've been calling my male 'frog boy' and I cringe every time I call him that. Haha. I haven't been calling my female anything since I got her.

    So far the only pair of names I have come up with that I like is Narcissus and Echo.

    If you guys have ...