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  1. AVideo of me making Homemade Fruit Fly Culture media...

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    Here is the video of me making the Fruit Fly Culture Media finally. It's in 2 parts hope you enjoy it.
    My Media works really really well and is easy to make but is not potato flake based.
  2. Full Adult Size

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    I think that at 2 1/4'', Bonk might have stopped growing early. To test that I tried feeding him a cricket every other day rather than every two days to see if I could trigger a growth spurt. That lasted about a week and as you can see the only growth was in width. He's back on crickets or earthworms every two days, and small ones at that since I had an impaction scare.

    [Posted to Blogs since I don't want to get in the way of people's emergency questions ...
  3. Getting a Tomato frog!

    Hello, I'm going to get a tomato frog in a couple days and i would really apreciate some advice on the set-up.
    The problem is that i don't have live plants and i want my frog to live as happily as possible.