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  1. Feeding Troubles

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    Put faster moving prey but cut-off the leg tips to prevent it from climbing. Most crickets are fast moving if you nudge it right to attract the attention of frogs.
    Can't nudge it. My hands send her running to the other side of the enclosure. Any other ideas?
  2. Two Days In

    I'm officially two days into having frogs. Duckweed, Olive, and Cowslip are all doing well so far. They seem healthy and happy. I witnessed Cowslip shed her skin yesterday. it was very interesting to watch. I was surprised I got to see it so early in my frog journey.

    The frogs ate yesterday. Cowslip, being the largest, got most of the crickets. Olive, being the smallest, only got one. He was late to realize there was food, so that could be why too. I'm feeding them again today to get ...
  3. The Frogs Are Here!

    I finally got my fire-bellied toads. They are so cute. I had them shipped to me from LLL Reptile. When I opened the container, I was so nervous we ended up staring at each other for a while. I got them all in okay. Olive was so eager to get out he started climbing out while I was putting the other two in.

    Their names are Olive, Duckweed, and Cowslip. I named them based on their green. Olive's back is dark, olive green. Duckweed's back is very light. Cowslip's back is in the middle of ...
  4. First Vivarium is Nearly Done!

    My first vivarium is finally almost done. I got two philodendron wend imbe in the mail today and planted those. I ordered the springtails, two caves, frog moss, and a philodendron autumn. It all should arrive Thursday and the viv will be complete. It's a 10 gallon that's going to house three FBTs. Very exciting!