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  1. Toady Photos

    As promised!

    Below are some newer photos of my 3. They've gotten a little more round, lol, but that's about it. Still as happy as can be, though (at least I guess so!) Still have no idea why Matrix changed colors a year ago. He eats well, plays well. I see a lot have done this, though, so not too worried about it after all this time (any additional information on this color change is welcome, he started out bright like the others.) I've been told so many things, including depression? ...
  2. A Year Later

    Can't believe it's been a year!

    It's been quite awhile since I visited here, so much has changed over the past year (changed jobs, cub scouts for my oldest son, etc.) I just wanted to thank everyone that helped me out last year when I was setting up my tank and preparing for my 3 FBTs to join our family.

    I'm happy to announce that well over a year later, all 3 are still doing wonderfully well. They've gotten a big bigger but are the same old water lovers they were
  3. Tank Time!

    Yet another step closer in my journey to owning my first amphibians!

    Got the rest of my items in the mail today (two plants, coconut fiber, basking rocks, filter tubing, multivitamin, filter air rocks, suction cups & heating mat.). Felt like Christmas!

    After painstakingly setting up and re-setting up the tank, this is my final outcome at the moment. Always open to re-arrangements/suggestions, ...