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  1. LilyPad's Avatar
    Also, the nose rub is barely noticeable on the little one, big guy hasn't changed. Really need to get these guys some unisex names soon.
  2. Friesian horse lover's Avatar
    oh, im so sorry!!! )':
  3. mdtalley22's Avatar
    Very awesome frogs!
  4. mdtalley22's Avatar
    Way cool little frogs, and very nice looking terrarium, keep us posted on their growth and activity!
  5. jdisney's Avatar
    Where do you get your "Flightless Fruit Flies"?
    I have found a baby tree frog and I don't wanna release him cause he's soo cute!
    I'm having trouble on finding things for him to eat. I've had him for about a day now.
    He's waay too small to eat the crickets I feed my other frog.
    I need some help, please.