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  1. Questions and Info

    I just wanted to point out to those posting to blogs that you will find faster replies when you post to an actual section of the forums then you will in the blog section here.
    Not sure how many members really come and read the blogs
  2. Back up and running

    Wow, feels like forever but I am finally back up and running after I lost my computer and most of my backed up data when I had a hard drive failure.

    Now renting a computer since it was much cheaper than fixing the old one.

    I also would like to note that I am seeing many questions in the blog section and if your looking for help, post it to the forum since the forum posts are seen more than blog posts.

  3. Back from vacation

    Hey all,
    Well, we got back today from Puerto Rico visiting family for ten days and will have plenty of pics to most tomorrow.

    The pics will be mostly lizards and a few pics of frogs but they should be interesting.

    As for returning home: I have been recovering from the mess my wife's son created due to his lazy and almost hazardous attention to the chores he was tasked with for using our car. Which by the way he couldn't use after blowing a seal and covering ...
  4. Vacation update

    Well, we arrived in Puerto Rico at 2:30 am and got to our place at 3:30 since we had to stop for some fresh bread and drunks for me and granddaughter.
    Upon arriving at the house a tiny kookee sp? Frog has to cross the granddaughter,s path and of corse she has to pick it up to show mommy who slides a screen door right across the poor frogs legs and pretty much cut it in half. Not a great way to start vacation.

    Moral of the story... Don't show the frogs to mommy.
  5. On The Road

    I will be online on rare occasions over the next ten days while on vacation with the family. I'll check in as I can.

    Have fun and keep smiling.
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