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    Thank You! I realized that I posted in the blog section. I will use the forums next time. Lovey loves to climb and is always finding new places in the terrarium to get comfortable. I would say she gets in the water dish 1-2 times a day for about 5-10 minutes each time. She is not having any runny poo's. I let Leapy and Lovey hop around on my bed just about everyday or sit next to me while I do homework. I would say that both Leapy and Lovey shed every 3-4 days. They always have little pieces of skin from their last shedding that come off later, but I dont see them shed very often. I treat thier water with ReptiSafe I believe it is called. Thank you so much elly!
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    Hi! I see you've posted in Blogs. More people would see this if it was in the Tree Frogs forum.

    I've had a frog with runny poop before and it was because they had excess protozoa. Wild caught frogs normally already have parasites in their systems that don't bother them, but in captivity sometimes parasites can build up as they shed their eggs in the tank and then re-infect the same frog. Or maybe Lovey was stressed and that's why she's affected? Hard to say. I don't know for sure that it's anything like that, of course. I'm not even a vet.

    At this point I'd just look for other symptoms- (not eating, shedding all the time, sitting on the ground and not climbing, sitting in the water dish all the time) that might mean something else is wrong. I'd try not to stress the frogs out with excess handling right now and just keep an eye on them.

    A checkup with a vet that sees herps would be a good idea, if possible, otherwise I wouldn't worry too much. There are supplements for reptiles thatt could be helpful if you don't use them already.