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  1. My Pacman is a piggy

    My Pacman frog, Noel, is a piggie. She eats about 4 or 5 crickets if given the chance in a sitting. Mind you I do give 2 full days between feedings as she usually rejects food if too soon. I'm actually glad she doesn't just eat and eat like a dog does, her rejections of food help me to know when she's hungry and when she's not.

    When I first got Noel she ate 2 crickets every day or 1 super worm. She was, at first, about 1 inch from nose to bum. Now she's over 2 inches from nose to bum. ...
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  2. Peppermint Gone. Hello Noel!

    Peppermint the ornate horned frog aka a Pacman, I bought about 6 days ago. Unfortunately, Peppermint wouldn't eat, was becoming overly skinny and so I had to bring it to the place I got him and do an exchange which was hard to do.

    I didn't want to give up on Peppermint, tried everything I could from raising temperature, humidity and so on with no good results. I should have insisted on seeing the frog eat to ensure it was active enough. So two days ago on the 2nd I brought Peppermint ...
  3. Peppermint the Pacman frog that won't eat

    About 4 days ago I bought a Peppermint colored Pacman frog I named well...Peppermint. It looked healthy and was actively trying to avoid being touched. I had a nice 20gallon reptile cage from a previous snake I'd had. I set it up and placed Peppermint in thinking 20 gallons of room will be plenty...well okay the frog only touches floor, but hey...a lotta room.
    • The next day Peppermint had covered itself with dirt and wouldn't come out from hiding to be fed.
    • 48 hours after I got Peppermint