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  1. elly's Avatar
    Thanks, Strider. I just felt like being silly. Also, seeing a frog with one eyeball smooshed against the side of the tank is disturbing. He was really keeping an eye on those crickets.
  2. Strider18's Avatar
    A haiku is a pattern of 5-7-5 syllables
  3. Krispy's Avatar
    Lmao as monster came out my nose
  4. Yoda's Avatar
    Is he doing better now?
  5. elly's Avatar
    Thanks but as there's no sign of trouble just yet I'll leave it here for now.
  6. Yoda's Avatar
    If you would like Elly, you could move this to the forum if it's qiute serious, your choice.
  7. Yoda's Avatar
    I'm sorry your frog may be impacted but I might be able to help give you one other idea than surgical removal. You should always feed your frog vitamins or calcium at least one or twice a week, or more if you feel that's better. I should probably be on the forum right now.
  8. elly's Avatar
    Thanks. I did put the thing about impaction on the forum. I had decided that he must have pooped and I mistook it for a ball of shed skin, but I'm not so sure about that any more. I have a herp vet, but he's not experienced with frogs. I've given him (the frog, not the vet) warm baths, I'm not sure what else there is to do except surgery and I'm pretty sure I can't find an amphibian surgeon. I do feed him vitamins and calcium.
  9. Yoda's Avatar
    you are correct about the males growing to about 3 ". Some males do, the average growth is to 2.5-3". I wouldn't worry about him growing any larger although don't be surprised if he grows half an inch once he is feeling better. I think he is overweight due to impaction and maybe someone else can give you good advice on that. Maybe you should put this on the forum. They should poop at least a couple times a week if not more. Do you have a veternarian that could help or no? Are you feeding your frog vitamins or calcium
  10. elly's Avatar
    I don't know how old he is, but he's male. I'd heard that males grew to be 3'' but I think I was wrong. Or Bonk's just small. He seemed to put on a lot of weight very quickly when I fed him every other day, that was strange. I don't think he's overweight right now but I don't think he needs to gain much more either.

    (Also right now I think he might be impacted. I haven't found any poop for a week and a half Edit: two weeks now so I've cut down on food. Weirdly enough he still seems to be hungry, so I'm trying to get him small crickets and soft things.)
  11. Yoda's Avatar
    how old is your frog. Or around how old. I used to have a white's tree frog but I fed her at least 1 cricket a day, if not two. Do you know the gender? if so, males grow to about 2.5" or a wee bit more. My female was just a little bit smaller than she could have been; she could have been bigger but there was no need. I was wandering if she was going to grow but i she didn't or not anything major (she was healthy), so that was it for me. I personally would do a cricket every other day but i dont know your frog like you do and i dont want to mess up his diet so just let that be a suggestion. Please reply!