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  1. Tankmate Aggression

    My large frog, Bonk has become more aggressive lately. If he's not fed, he tries to bite the smaller one. Bonk also has started making distressed chirps in the wee hours of the morning if he hasn't been fed that day.

    One cricket a day for four days in a row might not be too much if there's a three day space in between. I hope not. Ideally the feeding schedual would be more spaced out.

    I made the mistake of giving Julep a cricket in front of Bonk and Bonk chomped down on ...
  2. Poem

    Small frog,
    Are you okay?
    Your eyeball is literally pressed to the glass.
    Pretty sure this is not how you write a haiku.
  3. Oh no

    I just transferred my White's, Julep to the big tank. The second day I was trying to feed him a roach and it slipped off the tweezers. Julep made a dive for it and came up with a facefull of ground moss and tiny bark chips. If that wasn't enough, I saw him diving into his water bowl, mouth open, trying to catch specks of bark he thought were bugs.

    I hope he doesn't get impacted, but it might take a miracle. From now on he's getting bowl fed.
  4. Full Adult Size

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    I think that at 2 1/4'', Bonk might have stopped growing early. To test that I tried feeding him a cricket every other day rather than every two days to see if I could trigger a growth spurt. That lasted about a week and as you can see the only growth was in width. He's back on crickets or earthworms every two days, and small ones at that since I had an impaction scare.

    [Posted to Blogs since I don't want to get in the way of people's emergency questions ...
  5. Red Wrigglers vs WTF

    My Walmart has been out of nightcrawlers for the last week, so when his crickets ran out I decided to try Bonk on redworms. I cut one down to an inch and nudged the frog until he woke up (this was late evening).

    He got one taste, puffed himself up with air and skwawked at me angrily before going off to hide. I hope I haven't put him off earthworms for life.