Amphibian photography.

Wild Amphibians I have been lucky enough to find and photograph.
  1. E. e. oregonensis, juvenile.
  2. T. granulosa, juvenile.
  3. E. e. oregonensis, male.
  4. A beautifully colored P. vehiculum.
  5. The daunting task ahead.... 
T. granulosa, female.
  6. Beautifully colored R. aurora, juvenile.
  7. A. gracile, juvenile. Defense posture, front view.
  8. A. gracile, juvenile.
  9. A. gracile, male.
  10. A. gracile, male.
  11. A. gracile, male.
  12. R. aurora
  13. T. granulosa, male.
  14. P. regilla, male.
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