Random viv pics
  1. Our 24" x 18" x 36" Exo-Terra showroom viv - home to 6 Vulture Points
  2. Another pic of the vivs we brought to the White Plains Reptile Expo. One of these even went to a Frog Forum member!
  3. Picture of our booth at the recent White Plains Reptile Expo on Feb 8th. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by
  4. Fully stocked showroom in Floral Park, NY
  5. Time to wake up!
  6. 90 gallon corner build
  7. 90 gallon corner viv - one month of growth
  8. Love how the water feature turned out on this build
  9. Pics of some of our builds...
  10. A few random pics from our showroom.
  11. another shot of the 90 gallon corner build
  12. Love the water feature on this one
  13. Full tank shot - 90 gallon corner viv
  14. Exo-Terra Vivarium in our showroom. 24" x 18" x 36
  15. Special sale for New Yorkers only - $150 off retail price in our Floral Park showroom.
  16. Love how this water feature turned out
  17. 90 gallon corner viv
  18. New 90 gallon corner build, gets planted soon
  19. Water feature in a new 90 gallon corner vivarium we are building for a customer
  20. Java Moss growing on a drip wall in one of our showroom vivs
  21. Random pic from our 210 gallon viv
  22. Love this stump in a 65 gallon viv we made for a Long Island, NY doctor's office.
  23. We are a NY authorized dealer of the fully automated biOrb Air Terrariums. They include LED lights, fan, misting system and more!!
  24. Have a nice selection of Broms in our Floral Park, NY showroom...
  25. Orange P Terribilis
  26. Top view of a viv we built for a customer
  27. Pic of our booth at the Long Island Reptile Expo.
  28. Another random shot of our 210 gallon viv
  29. Pic of our fully stocked showroom in Floral Park, NY. Email us at if you want to set up an appointment to visit.
  30. Water feature on a 65 gal viv we built for a local doctor's office
  31. We are an authorized NY dealer of the fully automated biOrb Air Terrariums.
  32. 65 gal viv in a local doctors office
  33. Pic of our 210 gallon viv after initial planting. Looks completely different now
  34. 210 gallon viv on display in our Floral Park, NY showroom
  35. Got to have a coco hut!
  36. Drip wall - early on.
  37. Got Monkey Pods?
  38. 210 gallon viv
  39. Mature drip wall
  40. 210 gallon viv
  41. One of our Orange P. Terribilis
  42. Recently planted Exo-Terra viv
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