Bandit, Bufo bufo

Here's a showcase of my fav toadie, "Bandit", one of my female European Common Toads (Bufo bufo).

She's about 3,5 years old (Juli 2017) and such a character! Hand-tamed since a toadlet and bundles of fun.
  1. Bandit enjoying a trip in the garden, 2017
  2. Bandit exploring <3 2017
  3. "Food - NOW, pls!"
  4. Bandit wanting food and an evening chat ;)
  5. Bandit, 2017
  6. Sometimes when I'm working or watching a movie, Bandit will insist on partaking LOL
  7. Keepin' an eye out for food.
  8. Present given by best friends mom, haha :D From 2016
  9. Caption
  10. My Bandit girl <3
  11. Visible size difference between the little guy and Birger.
  12. He loves sitting in top of his plant all day, escecially when the UV light is on.
  13. Little guy <3 Getting use to being hand fed and handled
  14. Ssmall guy, "Banditten" (the bandit in danish)
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