My pet toads

All American Toads
  1. The lovely bride and her Toad-Bearer.
  2. TearDrop in the wedding sitting on live Sunflowers; along with Veronica, Snowy and Bertha.
  3. Did you know your car comes with a toad seat?
  4. Veronica and her husband Chorts in the spa.
  5. Lunch time at the Shumans.
  6. Bright Eyes & Chortles (top) 
TearDrop & Veronica (bottom)
  7. Chorts
  8. Big ladies eating-Veronica and Tear Drop. both d. in Dec 2014. :(
  9. Chorty & Veronica
  10. Veronica-Had beautiful skin; I said she had freckles. Chortles and Bright Eyes miss her terribly. She d. Dec 2014.
  11. A Native American or a Show Girl?
  12. "Mom! Enough Already!"
  13. Pilgrim; could be my ancestor Patience Brewster.
  14. Chortles
  15. Chortles at the Table. "I hate Vegetables!"
  16. Velvet's chariot
  17. It's OK; they're married; Chortles and Veronica
  18. Toad fam portrait 9.2013:Chortles, Velvet, TearDrop & Veronica
  19. Bertha
  20. Big Bertha's Wedding
  21. Cinnamon in her sweater
  22. Toad Jacking
  23. Cinny & Flippy
  24. Chocolate Cake is Nice.
  25. The Multi-Talented Cinnamon
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