the family

  1. 06.2010 Mr. Smalls enjoying the canopy
  2. 06.2010 Mr. Smalls enjoying the canopy -- aerial view
  3. 06.2010 Juvie axolotl, smiling for the camera
  4. 06.2010 another juvie axolotl, Jaws, from above
  5. My mini palm seems to have sprouted seeds of some kind. Somewhat awesome, but the tank doesn't really have room, so I foresee a lot of transplanting...
  6. I don't know why I like this picture of Max hiding behind a log. You can barely see him.
  7. Pee Wee, the Big Eyed Tree frog, on a mini-palm stalk.  
*Thanks, Kurt, for this little sweetie.
  8. Biggie, the BETF on a mini-palm
  9. Biggie, the BETF on mini palm, the sequel
  10. Biggie loves a nice, warm hand, and I have a hard time getting her to go back home when the time comes.  She clung to my hand long enough for me to...
  11. I only wish I had cleaned the glass more recently before taking this shot of my big eyed tree frog.  I love that, at night, they scoot around the...
  12. Ava
  13. Ava and Coco, looking funny during showertime
  14. Wet keets -- post shower
  15. Best shot of my fishtank that I can get w/ my mediocre camera
  16. awesome eyes
  17. Seattle on branch
  18. Seattle on top of an awesome lizard that my husband carved for me.  Unfortunatley, it's hard to see while there's a gecko on it.
  19. Indi
  20. literate lizard
  21. Indie on chair
  22. Indie on pot
  23. Biggie
  24. Mr. Smalls
  25. From above: big eyed tree frog enclosure
  26. Profile of my 20G hex big eyed tree frog enclosure
  27. Artie
  28. Max
  29. betf
  30. Biggie
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