La Junta Herp Trip

A couple of weeks ago i to a trip to La Junta in SE Colorado to find reptiles and amphibians
  1. Brown woodhouse's toad
  2. Olive woodhouse's toad and a reddish woodhouse's toad
  3. Large olive woodhouse's toad and medium reddish woodhouse's toad
  4. Large olive woodhouse's toad side view
  5. Large olive woodhouse's toad and my finger this guy was about 3 inches long
  6. brown Woodhouse's Toad
  7. brown Woodhouse's Toad
  8. Smaller olive Woodhouse's Toad
  9. plateau lizard side and head
  10. plateau lizard belly
  11. plateau lizard back
  12. Large olive Woodhouse's Toad shedding
  13. Ringneck Snake
  14. Ringneck Snake
  15. Ringneck Snake
  16. Plateau  Lizard's belly
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