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  1. Dart Frogy
  2. My White's is only really ever green at night
  3. Him and his rock.
  4. BLINK
  5. Dendrobates leucomelas enclosure. I plan on getting more hiding places
  6. Vietnamese mossy frog, Theloderma corticale  temporary tank
  7. White's tree frog tank
  8. Dendrobates leucomelas. This one is always climbing the glass
  9. Dendrobates leucomelas
  10. Dendrobates leucomelas.The Brom King
  11. White's Tree Frog
  12. My chubby Rana luteiventris
  13. Meakers (yes that is her name) my >9 year old leo
  14. Vietnamese Mossy Frog
  15. Vietnamese Mossy Frog in an attempt at an "artistic" picture
  16. My friend brought my Columbian Spotted Frogs, Rana luteiventris down from Montana for me
  17. My whites on a mystery plant, Anyone know what that is (the plant)?
  18. On his fake vine
  19. Standing REALLY tall
  20. Malaysian Leaf Frog
  21. Malaysian Leaf Frog
  22. Vietnamese Mossy Frog, Reu
  23. Western Painted Turtle
  24. My dumpy after its bath
  25. My dumpy after its bath close up
  26. My dumpy after its bath
  27. Malaysian Leaf Frog, Daun on big bowl
  28. Western painted turtle
  29. Western painted turtle
  30. Super quality picture of my woodhouse's toad
  31. My old baby chameleon :(
  32. Leopard Geckos
  33. Swwweet Frog tank. Bottom filled with 3 inches of water a wooden ramp up to a land balcony with a waterfall.
  34. Skink in air plant.
  35. Skink in air plant II.
  36. My Leopard Geckos
  37. My Leopard Geckos
  38. My Toads are so mad at each other that they wont look at each other. Woodhouse's Toads
  39. Woodhouse's Toad and a special quarter
  40. My Gold Dust day gecko/ tiny skink cage.
  41. Old Woodhouse Toad Cage
  42. Woodhouse's Toad (Brothers hand in the back ground)
  43. My three Woodhouse's Toads with a quarter (again my brother hand)
  44. Solo Woodhouse's Toad
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