Moon and Kalcifer, Bufo japonicus

Moon and Kalcifer are two, out of a small group of four, from the outskirts of Austria. :)

Moon and Kalcifer af hand-tamed, since tiny toadlets, and super fun. Kalcifer is a very active and go-to sort of fella, whilst Moon is a much more relaxed and laid back type.

Kalcifer is positively sexed as male, Moon still in the unknown.
  1. Kalcifer playing "Where's the cricket?" lol 
*Mid 2016
  2. Out of the four guys, one indicated some genetical issues with the joints and died very young. 
Kalcifer seems to develop some "scoliosis" like...
  3. Kalcifer, growing up! 
*Mid 2017
  4. When they were still teeny tiny <3 
*Kalcifer on the left, 
Moon on the right 
Start 2016
  5. Cutie-Moon <3
  6. Tiny dudes, sharing a foodbowl <3 :) 
*Moon in he front, 
Kalcifer in the back 
Start 2017
  7. The guys together 
*Kalcifer in the front, 
Moon in the back. 
  8. The guys together 
*Moon on the left, 
Kalcifer on the right 
  9. The guys together, growing well. 
*Kalcifer in front, 
Moon in the back 
  10. Tiny toadie <3 
  11. Tiny, tiny baby Moon..! <3 
*That expression LOL
  12. Baby Kalcifer
  13. When the guys were still teeny tiny, but starting to look like real toads. 
*Kalcifer nr. 2 from the left, Moon nr. 3, top corner, from the left.
  14. Baby Kalcifer, 2016.
  15. Love that totally nutty professor expression X.D 
  16. The tiny guys, about 2 weeks after arriving here at home. 
*Kalcifer on the top foto.
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