Gray Treefrogs

  1. Waldo showing off his tongue... he's actually trying to eat the water droplets as I mist him and his cage. They aren't very filling of course, and...
  2. Waldo on a Sansevieria 'Moonshine'. I love a photo shoot where he gets to stay nice and cozy in his vivarium:).
  3. Fatty looking contemplative.
  4. Waldo on his new piece of driftwood.
  5. Nice piece of deadwood I found in the bushes that I thought would go nicely with Fattys pattern.
  6. Waldo showing some love to a Dracaena sanderiana (lucky bamboo).
  7. Fatty gets a turn on a snake plant- Sansevieria trifasciata (I believe) this time.
  8. Waldo destroying a mealworm. Yep, those blue balls in his mouth are his eyeballs. I'm always amazed at how mangled a frogs fingers look when they...
  9. Waldo during his weigh-in on my new scale.
  10. After relocating his viv across the room, little Tyr starting hanging out on this big fat Pothos vine that's almost pressed up against the front...
  11. Waldo is having a little nap on some Sansevieria cylindrica (I believe). I didn't have the heart to tell him that yes, this plant makes him look fat.
  12. Frog on shadowless white backdrop mark II. Waldos turn today, different setup than last time. Feels a little less wonky I think. He wasn't the nicest...
  13. Waldo, Gray treefrog, out of his cage for mealworm time. The marble tile works out better reflection-wise than glass, one single reflection instead...
  14. Probably wrong to personify a frog like this, but Waldo always looks happy with the world. I don't know how these guys were ever called "tree-toads",...
  15. I kinda though the pattern of the marble went well with Fatty.
  16. Fatty is just showing off here how wide she can open her mouth.
  17. Attempt #1 at a froggy on black. I think the double reflection looks kinda ghetto, so I think glass is out as a surface. She posed so nicely though,...
  18. Small Gray treefrog with a gimpy left hand when I first brought it home. Now named "Tyr" after the Norse god of "Getting Your Hand Bitten Off by a...
  19. Tyr, a week after bringing home and more gray than green here.
  20. Tyr, enjoying the moss in its new home.
  21. Tyr, enjoying the fern.
  22. Waldo smiling here. I am lately somewhat obsessed with photographing things on white. Makes them look cheery.
  23. Waldo, looking particularly pleased with the shade of green he's chosen for the day.
  24. Waldo in water dish.
  25. The hand of Fatty.
  26. Waldo, on his way to his favorite perch.
  27. Fatty, Waldo, Houdini. Normally I stick to very minor alterations to my photos, but this is a major exception so full disclosure time. This is my...
  28. Waldo eager to eat an incoming cricket.
  29. Waldo singing in the mist. Barred cover of the vivarium gives the funky reflections, backlighting causes a reflection off the rear of the vivarium...
  30. Waldo singing in the rain. Better job making "rain" here, also tried removing the cover for a cleaner reflection and added a black backdrop for a...
  31. Waldo hanging out on his favorite perch (it's a constant theme in Waldo pictures).
  32. Fatty on "stage".
  33. Kermit with a forest theme.
  34. Fatty shedding and "recycling" her skin.
  35. Waldo catching a cricket.
  36. Fatty blending into her(?) favorite log.
  37. Houdini, hiding in the pothos jungle.
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