My frogs

  1. 56 gallon tank
  2. Gray treefrog tank
  3. Fire-bellied toad tank
  4. "The Hidden Forest" 
Gray Tree Frog (Dan'l Webster) tank
  5. "The Hidden Forest"
  6. "The Greecian Love Forest" 
Malaysian Leaf Frog (Daun) tank
  7. "The Greecian Love Forest," overlooking the "lagoon"
  8. "The forest floor" 
Golden Tree Frog (Soleil) tank
  9. "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" 
White's Tree Frogs (Luigi, Baudrillard, and the unnamed female) tank
  10. "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," sideview
  11. "The Bridge," close up of the cryptanthus "Black Mystic" and the "White Ribbons"
  12. Added some new decor to the gray treefrog tank!
  13. The new frog's favorite spot to hang out.
  14. Super cute, right?
  15. My Malaysian leaf frog in a fantastic pose!
  16. This is how I can be sure that my leaf frog is, indeed, a male.
  17. My leaf frog
  18. New gray tree frog.
  19. New gray tree frog in his new home.
  20. Golden Treefrog.
  21. Baudrillard, more active than usual.
  22. Luigi.
  23. Third White's.
  24. Luigi.
  25. Luigi
  26. Baudrillard
  27. My friend's frog, which I'm taking care of.
  28. Baudrillard
  29. My friend's frog, again.
  30. Baudrillard
  31. My Malaysian leaf frog on top of a plant. In the entire year, he's never done that.
  32. The Malaysian leaf frog, close up.
  33. My Megophrys Nasuta
  34. It's not the best quality, but his pose was just too cute.
  35. White's tank, take 3. Hopefully it'll stay cleaner now that I have an actual bowl to take out and dump.
  36. Luigi and Baudrillard.
  37. The tank set up for my friend's golden tree frog.
  38. My Malaysian Leaf Frog's new tank. He's in the tank. Can you find him?
  39. Photo0291
  40. Photo0292
  41. :O A cricket!
  42. My leaf frog in his clean home. :)
  43. Luigi is sleepy
  44. Baudrillard finally starts to come out from the hiding spot. I had to turn off the light and switch to night mode.
  45. As I was taking the pic, Luigi moved in closer, and then a few seconds after this picture...he jumped into my hair
  46. One of many times he tried to escape
  47. Again, trying to escape
  48. You can see his nice dark throat here
  49. Baudrillard hiding still
  50. Luigi climbing a plant
  51. New Malaysian Leaf Frog, standing after eating
  52. New Malaysian Leaf Frog
  53. Baudrillard hiding
  54. Luigi
  55. Luigi on leaf
  56. My frogs in their new home
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