Whites *Dumpy* Tree Frogs

We have 7: Lil (formerly Lilly,then we realized she's a he), Willow, Andrea *the Giant*, Sunny, Spot, Vivid, & Peanut
  1. Andrea looking in on The Baby
  2. Andrea
  3. Willow-he likes to burrow, so we don't see him much. Like Bob, he's a little camera shy and only comes out at night. Wonder if it's a gender...
  4. Willow-I wish this picture would've turned out better!
  5. Andrea-I think she was shedding
  6. Andrea soakin' up some H2O
  7. Rose, the baby RIP
  8. Rose aka The Baby RIP
  9. Andrea
  10. Andrea
  11. Andrea in action!
  12. The baby is in the blue lidded terranium, Andrea is in the green lidded terranium, and Bob is up in the corner
  13. The baby
  14. We put the baby in the bigger terranium after Andrea got better. Andrea is outside looking in at her (hence why she's not out with the big fogs)
  15. Andrea-not sure if she wants back in the hospital terranium, or if the baby just looks like a good meal...
  16. Lilly
  17. Bob
  18. Andrea in the hospital terranium-pitiful!
  19. Andrea in the hospital terranium-she always looks like she's smiling!
  20. *clockwise* Lilly, Willow, Andrea (Frick & Frack)
  21. Andrea
  22. Bob-we've had him the longest (over 5 years) 
He's camera shy though, so we don't have as many pics of him...
  23. Bob
  24. Andrea eating a cricket
  25. Andrea-she always seems to be posing for a picture!
  26. Andrea sprawled out-good shot of the club foot!
  27. Andrea eating a cricket
  28. Andrea getting a piggy back ride on Frick. Too cute!
  29. Andrea
  30. Andrea shortly after we got her. She was skinny, but the biggest dumpy I've ever seen! & her club foot just adds character!
  31. Andrea *the giant* hangin' with Frick and Frack
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