1. Pacific chorus frog with eggs
  2. PCF Cambell valley
  3. Chorus frog w eggs from above
  4. "Devonian" long toed salamander
  5. Bullfrog... IN MARCH???
  6. Water LTS
  7. "Devonian" LTS
  8. A "Blue" Garter snake neonate
  9. Flooded nicomeckle creek
  10. Ensetina in the snow
  11. MEEP
  12. Red legged frog (rana aroura) yearling
  13. oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa)
  14. Adult ambystoma macrodactylum
  15. Black tailed deer at manning park
  16. the infamous pine beetle
  17. Ambystoma macrodactylum adult female
  18. First garter snakes of the year 2013! happy st pats day!
  19. western terrestrial garter snake
  20. two sliders at grandville island
  21. large female Rana catesbieana
  22. Rana aroura hiding in duckweed
  23. Rana aroura hiding on a large palm leaf
  24. Rana aroura
  25. A g=large bullfrog that i had caught in the breeding season, this is a small female with what looks to be a similar pattern of what would be on a...
  26. This is one of the only (male?) bullfrogs that were around this pond, I question if it is male or female because the typhanum in the male is more...
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