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Dendrobates Lamasi Orange 2

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April 12th, 2011
Dendrobates Lamasi 'Orange'
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  1. DonLisk
    I just love the colors of these
  2. MikeM670
    I know what you mean. When Josh put that ad up I jumped on it right away. I got all four he was offering. They are just so shy compared to my other boys.
  3. clownonfire
    They are gorgeous. Mike, congratulations. R. lamasi are known to be more shy too... Here's a link for you:
  4. MikeM670
    Thanks Eric! I can't believe all the color variations there are.
  5. clownonfire
    I enjoy that site. One for the classifications, but also for the amazing pictures. I'm hoping one day the three of us meet. Congrats again, Mike.
  6. MikeM670
    Yes that would be fun. Probably bore the hell out of our wives tho! Frog ON!
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