Red Eyed Tree Frogs

Tulip and Snap!
  1. For once I got a pic of them together!!
  2. Right before he fell asleep.
  3. Take your photos, whatever, I'm too tired to care. zzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzzz
  4. Leave me alone Mama, I'm a sleeeeepy boy.
  5. Poor Snap. I interrupted his 2 am nap.
  6. This one got awakened by accident. Sorry buddy!
  7. Sleeping soundly during the big move.
  8. The 20 gallon set-up. I've since added another plant.
  9. hangin around.
  10. At first I had them in a plastic Kritter keeper, but the temp was too hard to maintain so they moved to the 20 gallon.
  11. When they first arrived from the airport.
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