terrariums ive built

  1. it will eventualy become 1/2 of what i like to call the "ULTIMATE PALUDARIUM!!!", info to follow shortly ;)
  2. It houses 10 celstial pearl danios, 4 rainbow forktails, 5 bumblebee gobys, 2 hillstream loaches, 2 pair okefenokee pygmy sunfish, 2 pair scarlet gem...
  3. 60g planted aquarium 95% done.
  4. I love this background,I really want one!
  5. False floor installed on pet shop build
  6. 20g build for customer,with bottom blacked out with rubber
  7. Cool background for pet shop build
  8. 1st vertical build for my gargoyle gecko
  9. Future home for my pair of crested geckos, once the Kentucky blue grass grows in. In the right corner there is a tigers eye lagoon with a water fall
  10. 1st vertical conversion for my gargoyle gecko
  11. Whites tree frog terrarium
  12. Timor monitors viv
  13. terrarium for whites-when I got it the background was already done. Compleat with a waterfall set up that doesn't work very well (losses all water in...
  14. terrarium for whites-its 40" L X 32" H X16"W it has small 1 1/2g pond on the left of tank (background done when I got it)
  15. close up of texture on outside of FBT cage
  16. 25G long FBT tank, I textured the outside of the tank where the foam was against the glass. Has built in waterfall as well as 3toned background with...
  17. Front view of my pacific chorus frog terrarium
  18. Side view of my pacific chorus frog terrarium
  19. In this picture you can see were the stream drops down into the pond.
  20. In this one I used Scottish moss, Pothos, a button fern and 2 Phalaenopsis Orchids. The waterfall is a zoo-med and then decorated with Mopani wood...
  21. In this terrarium I decided on a flowing stream and small pond. In the pond I put ghost shrimp (which do a great job at filtering the water) 2 fancy...
  22. here you can see the stream running.
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