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    Hi all, I'm new here and thought I'd post and say hi! I'm a new frog owner and have my beautiful boy called Bruce (Dr. Bruce Banner) who is an Ornate Horned frog. I've had him about a month now and like a lot of new owners get myself a little over-concerned with his well being.

    I came here looking for advice on feeding as Bruce seems to be a bit useless at catching his crickets. I've started putting them in the fridge before feeding to slow them down, but Bruce still misses quite a lot! He hasn't grown very much at all and I'm worried he's not getting enough food. He won't tong feed at all, he won't eat worms, crickets seem to be the only food he's interested in. He just can't catch them! Any advice would be appreciated!

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    You can take the back legs off them so they can't jump and this slows them down quite a bit. Or you could feed in a separate container that isn't to big so they can't run from him.

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    Hello happy to know about frogs here. So curious about frogs..

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